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The Wonder of the World

Everything you have done boils down to this task. A man-made mountain of white and gold, with descending series of gardens and rivers, reflecting the sunlight in almost divine ways. Your greatest achievement. By building a Wonder of the World, you will leave your mark in the history books of Travian. The whole game world races to reach this peak of human accomplishment, but only one alliance will be successful.

The Hummer

You are always leading the charge. You are the tip of the spear or the ram that knocks down the first wall. Battles carry your name and enemies shiver at its mention. Soon will you command large armies and relentlessly pillage your way across the lands. But make no mistake - this path is not an easy one. If you can’t handle competition, this one's not for you. But if you'd risk life and limb for boundless rewards and glory - join us. Be the hammer.

Hunder than Steel

Stand your ground. Outlast attack after attack until they grow tired and desperate. Don't waste your time with petty fights. You are in this for the long run. Soon, the size of your walls will crush any hopes of conquest and your foe's puny villages will live in the shadow of your fortress. Your strategic finesse won't go unnoticed. Group together, form a regional superpower and end this war on your terms.

Lead with Greatness

Without leaders, there are no empires. Become the center of your alliance and lead it to glory of an unprecedented scale. With your diplomatic expertise, you find the solutions that nobody else can. Arrange treaties that make your domain untouchable. Devise cunning strategies, play enemies off against each other and pull every string until the whole realm follows your will. Conduct the symphony of war to your liking.

The road to dominion

This isn't an average man's deed. You will need a vision so brilliant that it inspires a whole population. Build a city that your people truly worship; a city they will defend with conviction. Do you found a trade empire or raise a self-sufficient domain? Will you deal with threats mercifully – or double the stakes? Conduct your vision with fervor and defend it against all odds. No one will be able to stop you.